About Deeno

Deeno, also known as The Book Dinosaur, is the geekiest T-rex in town. While most of his brethren spend their time thinking about what - or who - to eat, Deeno prefers to spend his time reading the latest, newest, and most interesting books in libraries. This has led him to amass a huge collection of books, and he constantly wishes he could share some of his newer - yet often unknown - books that he knows to be great, with the rest of the world.

To attain his goals, he created The Book Dinosaur, where he can share those books with anyone who's interested, with the only condition being that they share their honest opinion of the book. This way he gets people to read new books for free, all the while helping authors to improve their reach. It's an enterprise where everyone wins. With his friend Lis, he's planning on taking over the readersphere.

Deeno can be a bit high-strung. He has a bit of an anxiety disorder that gets triggered by unread books, unfinished books, or by people who won't share their thoughts on the books they've read. He deals with that anxiety by eating. (Usually not people, but it has happened) Make of that what you will.

About Lis

Lis is Deeno's best (and at times only) friend. While Deeno obsesses over reading and sharing books, Lis is extremely organized and helps Deeno take care of the fire hazard that his library has become.

She reads mostly mystery books, but she doesn't obsess over them as much as she does over ensuring they are housed in a somewhat orderly library. She's also in charge of keeping everything at The Book Dinosaur running smoothly, as Deeno's original plan was simply to mail random books to random people, expecting them to read and like them (he's a dreamer, what can we say?). That is to say, Lis is very much the brains behind the operation.

She's also a lover of classical music and opera, and spends some of her free time as an activist, trying to convince everyone that the sky is indeed about to fall.

About The Book Dinosaur

The Book Dinosaur (also called TBD) is the brainchild of a self-published author who found that once the book was finished and online, there was still a significant amount of work needed that hadn't been planned for. Recognizing this, the next step was to find a way to get the book into the hands of people who would read and comment on the book, thereby creating some momentum for it. After a ton of research, it became apparent that the best option was an ARC service, however all the services that were available were either lacking in one form or another or simply too expensive. Seeing this, and recognizing the opportunity, it became apparent that it would be worthwhile to create a service that would cater to the needs of other self-published authors who might find themselves in the same situation and a bit overwhlemed. Then, it was a matter of partnering up with a long-time web designer and project manager friend to begin to bring the project to life. 8 months later, TBD was launched.

Our goal with TBD is to provide a comprehensive sales support service for budding, aspiring and self-published authors who may not know how best to navigate the marketing side of their careers. While our focus is primarily English language books for now, we will be expanding in time to cover other languages. We help promote books from any genre, provide marketing tips and resources for our author members, and we offer a number of value-added services not available in the industry that can be powerful tools and provide vital data for authors who truly want to improve their sales and fast-track their careers.

This project is borne out of our experience in the industry, and is catered to those of you out there who love reading, who love writing or who want to be part of a community that values your unique views on literature. Join the family, Deeno and Lis will always welcome you with open arms.

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