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Last updated (10/31/18)


How to Publish a Book in 2018: Self-Publishing Tips From a Bestseller

Ugh. Yes, the self-publishing guru lays out some advice and tells you how well he's doing. Funny how many ultra-successful self-published authors there are out there despite the fact the stats state there are so few in existence. And of course, he doesn't actually list his 5 amazing best-selling books which kickstarted his career, but whatever. Look through the self-promotion crap and you might find some of his points actually useful. How to Publish a Book in 2018: Self-Publishing Tips From a Bestseller

Tools for self-publishers

Ever wondered how much your book might weigh, or how much you might make per sale, or how much shipping it might cost? This site provides a few useful resources. Useful logistical resources for authors interested in self-publishing


All about Amazon

Amazon's community guidelines

The better informed you are, the better equiped you are to take on the challenges you'll face trying to increase your book sales. Knowing how Amazon works in terms of its review and community policies can be a valuable asset. Amazon's Community policies

The Top 10 Things All Authors Should Know About Amazon

An informative read, and while it's not the most recent breakdown of Amazon related information, it provides a good look into how the Amazon bookstore functions and what you should keep in mind in terms of placing your book(s) in the Amazon bookstore. Have a read : Top 10 things for Amazon.

Mythbusting The Amazon Algorithm – Reviews and Ranking For Authors

Yes, it's not typical for a service to link to a competing service, but our goal is to help authors and if that means giving props to an anrticle written by a competitor, so be it. While we can't vouch for everything said in this article, there are certainly a number of topics that are touched upon which are valuable and relevant to authors who want to better understand the inner workings of Amazon so as to better position themselves to use that knowledge to further their books sales. This is a 2 part article we highly recommend reading. A comprehensive look at how Amazon works

Amazon for India?

Amazon now supports India's top 5 official languages, opening the door up to a massive market within India. Amazon's Self-Publishing Platform Now Supports Five Of India's Official Languages


Book Reviews

Book Reviews Make A Difference. Here’s Four Reasons

A quick read that provides some context as to the importance of reviews on Amazon and other bookstores. 4 points to keep in mind concerning book reviews

How to launch your book with at least 24+ Amazon reviews

Want to DIY your book launch and get reviews on your book's page? Here are some tricks on how to go it alone if you have a good social network of friends you can rely on. While we recommend these following steps, using an ARC program increases your effectiveness considerably and should be used in conjunction with what's outlined here. Regardless of how you proceed, read this author's article to get good launch momentum. A step by step process on how to get reviews.

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