What is The Book Dinosaur?

The Book Dinosaur (who's name is obviously Deeno) is a service-driven website with the aim of helping authors find their audience and gain a foothold in the publishing market.

When will The Book Dinosaur start operations?

The Book Dinosaur is currently getting ready for launch, and one of its main goals is having enough authors and readers interested to make the experience worth it for everyone involved. As such, if you're interested, you can register now and he'll let you know when he's open for business.

For Readers

What can The Book Dinosaur do for me?

As a reader, you are eligible to receive free advance reader copies of books by The Book Dinosaur's authors.

How can I receive books from Deeno?

In order to receive books from Deeno, you need to sign up for a FREE reader account, then browse our current offerings and sign up for whichever books you might be interested in. If you are chosen as an Advance Reader for that book, you'll receive an email letting you know.

What do I do once I've received a book? What is expected of me?

Being an ARC operation, the general expectation is that you will, once you read the book, leave an honest review of it in at least one of the specified retailers where the book is available. Once you have read and reviewed a book, you should fill a small questionaire letting The Book Dinosaur know of your experience with the book.

Am I required to always review a book?

No. While the expectation when giving you an advance review copy is that you will review the book, there might be reasons both personal and professional why you might decide to not leave a review of any given book. If that's the case, please let the dinosaur know you couldn't review the book. He won't be mad, as he is most understanding. As long as you keep a certain ratio of books received to reviewed, you'll be eligible to keep receiving books even if you miss on the occasional review.

Must my review of a book be positive?

Deeno expects your reviews of books you receive to be honest and informative. Whatever rating you choose to award a book is entirely up to you, and The Book Dinosaur only expects you will rate the books you receive honestly, for better or worse.

Where should I leave my reviews of books? Is there a requirement to review?

The Book Dinosaur is set up to accept books available on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and Google, and each ARC we offer will specify where the author has requested reviews to be posted, along with a link to said book if available. Reviews to Goodreads are also appreciated, although not required. If you leave reviews in Goodreads please let the dinosaur know, he will appreciate it.

While most of these storefronts allow for users to freely create accounts and peruse the stores, Amazon has specific requirements for users to be able to leave reviews. Specifically, as of July 2018 you must have an Amazon account in good standing and have spent at least $50 on the store during the last year to be eligible to write reviews of any items in the store you haven't bought there. Therefore, if you do not have an Amazon account that complies with these requirements, it would be better if you didn't sign up to any ARCs requiring Amazon reviews specifically.

How long do I have to read the book and leave a review?

From the moment you receive ARC copy, you have three weeks to read the book, leave your review, and inform Deeno of it.

After the three-week period, if your review (or lack of one) hasn't been reported, you'll be flagged as non-responsive for that specific ARC.

How are the ARCs I'm selected for delivered to me?

All of Deeno's ARC copies are digital files you can download from our servers while the ARC process is live. Once the process is closed, all files are removed from our servers - although you're allowed to keep the files you downloaded.

Most of our books are delivered on epub, mobi, and PDF formats. The Book Dinosaur does not deliver or work with physical copies, as he has a tendency to bite things.

I loved this book. Is there any way I can support the author, or contact them through Deeno?

You can leave an anonymous message for the author when reporting your review of the book to Deeno, he will deliver it promptly.

As for supporting an author whose book you loved, the best way to do that would be by buying their book and letting others know about that gem of a book you found - and where you found it ;)

For Authors

What services can Deeno offer me?

Deenois starting his business by offering ARC services. However, he has plans on expanding towards other areas in the near future.

What does the ARC service offer?

With the ARC service, The Book Dinosaur offers to find readers who are willing to leave honest reviews of your book on your desired storefronts from his database of proven readers. He will also deliver you statistics on those who displayed interest in your book and how it fared among his readers during the ARC operation.

Am I guaranteed to get reviews?

While Deeno maintains a database of readers he knows to trust, he can't guarantee a specific number of reviews, or any at all. He delivers the books to readers who usually leave reviews, but whether they do or not is entirely up to them.

Will the reviews I get be positive?

Deeno does not guarantee or otherwise imply the content of the reviews, as readers are expected to leave honest reviews of the books they get. The best way of getting good reviews for your book are, of course, writing a professional book and promoting it to the proper demographic.

How many readers will your service get me?

The amount of readers Deeno gets for you is directly tied to the interest his readers display for your book, as readers sign up for each specific ARC based on their own interests and available time. However, in order to keep your costs from skyrocketing, you can set a maximum amount of readers for your ARC.

How much does it cost?

The Book Dinosaur expects the final pricing to be around $2 per copy he delivers on an ARC, so the cost of each individual ARC will vary based on audience.

However, during the first few weeks the service will be free as a mean of testing both the servers and the effectiveness of the service. If you're interested and would like to be informed when booking for ARCs goes live, you should sign up for an author account now.

Do you keep copies of my book in your servers indefinitely?

All of your book files are deleted from the servers once the ARC closes and you are emailed a post-mortem.

Can I start an ARC for my already released book? Or must all books be unreleased?

While ARCs are generally ran for yet-unreleased books, Deeno is happy to take both new and not-so-new bookks onto his library.

Are there any restrictions on the books that can participate?

At the moment, Deeno isn't accepting erotica or pornographic content of any kind, as well as books whose content could be considered illegal (think the Anarchist Cookbook).

Anything else I should know?

The number of readers Deeno gets for you is directly tied to the interest readers display for your book, as readers sign up for each specific ARC based on their own interests and available time. However, in order to keep your costs from skyrocketing, you can set a maximum amount of readers for your ARC when scheduling it.

Deeno and Lis reserves the right to deliver a few extra copies (usually less than five, but up to ten) to new readers whose trust he'd like to test, which might end up in more copies being sent than the max amount you set. You will not be charged for these extra copies under any circumstances, and even if the total amount of copies sent is lower than your set limit you will not be charged for copies sent to unproven readers.

Three weeks after your ARC copies are sent, the ARC process will be closed and you will receive a post-mortem including statistics of those who displayed an interest in your book and their response to it. This post-mortem might include anonymous, private messages our readers might want to send to you.

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