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So... How does it work?

For authors, TBD is the best way to kickstart your book launch!

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Schedule your ARC for one of our available dates. ARCs are generally done for soon-to-be-released books, but the dinosaur accepts already released titles too.
Provide us with your book data, including the number of reviewers you need and the stores where your book is available.
Once your ARC launches, watch the reviews pour in.
Once the ARC/review process closes, you'll get a post-mortem with data on how readers interacted with your book.
The deep dive... A closer look at the program

Deeno and Lis, our resident dinosaurs, parse your book as well as the information you provide about it. Once they've approved and corroborated the data, they file it and pass that information along to us. We then match your book with readers that we know are most likely to appreciate your writing style, story and genre.

While we cannot guarantee an exact number of reviews for any given ARC, we are constantly rating our reviewers and curating our reader list to ensure that the best reviewers are assigned to your book. What we offer and value are honest reviews, this means that we do not guarantee positive reviews. Successful books may have a majority of positive reviews, but negative reviews can also help increase sales depending on how they are written. We encourage our readers to be honest. Some readers may not appreciate your book at all and may choose not to leave a review at all. We respect that choice and will never force any readers to leave a review or ask that they change their review. The Book Dinosaur is not responsible for the reviews our readers provide, however we go through great lengths to ensure that the readers who provide the best quality reviews are the ones who receive your books.

To get started, choose the package that is best for you, schedule a date for your ARC, provide relevant information on your book, then sit back and relax as we take care of the rest. When the ARC process is done, we provide you with a post-mortem which will include valuable statistics based on our readers' comments, feedback from the community of readers who have read your book, and additional data and resources you can use to tweak your marketing, improve your book description and details, and improve your marketing, conversion rates and book sales. BOOK YOUR ARC

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