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A mammoth stash of books for you to read, for free, with new titles every day until the next asteroid hits. So don’t worry, Deeno’s got your book.


Select the books that interest you.


Read and enjoy them at your pace.


Let the world know what you honestly think.
So... How does it work?

For readers, TBD is a simple, exciting experience!

Browse our list of upcoming releases for books that might interest you.
New FREE books are added every day!
Sign up for the books you want. Books are assigned to our best revuewers, and copies are limited.
If you are assigned a copy, congratulations! It's time to read and (hopefully) enjoy your new book.
Once you're done, leave an honest review in the storefronts requested by the author.
Let Deeno or Lis know you have read and reviewed the book.
Go for the next book in your list! You can sign up for several books at a time.

All of the books Deeno hands you are 100% FREE!

The deep dive... A closer look at the program

No, there's no catch. There are no hidden fees, there is no fine print. It really is that simple. You sign up, you tell us what you like. We send you books that match your preferences. You read the book, then you leave an honest review on the platform the author is most interested in. You let us know when the review has been posted, and that's it. You can read more than one book at a time, if you can handle it. We won't stop you.

What we want are honest, in depth reviews. Of course we read all reviews, and rate them for their quality. We don't expect a review to be positive or negative, but we certainly prioritize quality reviews over those that are clearly rushed or disingenuous. If you absolutely hate a book and would rather not review it, we understand. If you hate a book and want to tell people why, please do. What you hate might be exaclty what someone else loves. We ask that you put a bit of effort and creativity into your reviews. If you do that, you will have access to all the greatest content TBD has to offer. If you post reviews like "This book sucks, I couldn't read past page 10!" or "Amazing book, highly recommend it!", you can expect to receive fewer and fewer books from us. Same applies if you regularly read books but don't leave reviews.

Our goal is to build a community, help authors achieve their goals, and provide awesome books to our members who love reading. So what Deeno and Lis, our resident dinos, are expecting from everyone who's a part of this, is be considerate, honest and helpful. Oh, and to have fun. :) JOIN THE COMMUNITY

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